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Siurana - 2018

Siurana Climbing Guidebook by David Brascó, Edition 2018


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Freytag & Berndt
freytag & berndt

Siurana - 2018 Buchbeschreibung

Thirty-three years ago, coinciding with the "boom" of sport climbing in Catalonia, the first sport routes in Siurana appeared in this corner of the Sierra de Prades.

Its origin was not a consequence of "the evolution" of a traditional climbing area but, from its beginning, was a place "freaky" by definition. Here concepts were conceived without which we do not currently understand a modern place of sport climbing: it was equipped with the latest generation anchors to the detriment of the burin, the classic "meeting" was relegated to the "top rope", and the concept of "sector" was introduced to facilitate the location of the routes.

These were some of the tools that a group of fanatics of the time used to inaugurate what is today one of the best climbing sites in the world: 1,750 routes are the result.
This guide is basically sportequipped routes. Edited in full color with many maps of areas and sectors, and sketches with the climbing routes.

You can also buy the guide at the bakery in Cornudella.


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