Jura poludniowa / Southern Jura 2018

Climbing guide - Jura poludniowa / Southern Jura - 2018


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Jura poludniowa / Southern Jura Beschreibung

The guide "Southern Jura" by Grzegorz Rettinger is a truly unique climbing guide, as it is the only full edition in Poland, covering all the climbing regions of Krakow and Podkrakow. In total, nearly 4,000 routes and projects in the Podkrakowskie Valleys.
This is the third, extended and updated edition of this great guide.

The uniqueness of the guide is proved by the volume and amount of information about such a large climbing area, including historical data (author, year of first driving) and an updated database of routes and exploration status. Most importantly, one volume contains the scope of five "small" Krakow guides (Kobylańska Valley, Będkowska Valley, Ostańce Jerzmanowickie, Dolina Bolechowicka and Kluczwody, as well as the areas of Krakow). Additionally, for the first time, the areas of Hump Tenczyński and Brama Krakowska were comprehensively developed. These are, among others, the popular Brzoskwinki, Wrzosy and Sanka Valleys.

The guide was designed to facilitate orientation in the field and the choice of climbing objectives. There are colourful maps showing the location of the rocks. The route lines have been assigned colours corresponding to the difficulty range. Now all you need to do is look at the topo to see if it's the right target for you. In addition, we have probably been the first in Poland to use qr codes in our climbing guide, with the help of which every owner of a modern phone can instantly load the coordinates of a car park or see the position of a rock on a map to navigate.

included climbing areas

Dolina Prądnika
Dolina Garliczki
Dolina Wedonki
Dolina Racławki
Dolina Szklarki
Dolina Będkowska
Dolina Kobylańska
Dolina Bolechowicka
Skały Karniowskie
Dolina Kluczwody
Sanki (Zimny Dół, Półrzeczki)
Dolina Brzoskwinki
Nielepice i Kleszczów
Wrzosy i okolice Brodła
Brama Krakowska (Zakrzówek, Liban, Krzemionki, Tyniec, Piekary)

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