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The Skinwalker - another beautiful climbing project

Video von Redaktion in Klettervideos hinzugefügt 322 Aufrufe 30th Aug, 2021 Video-Dauer: 00:09:21   Bolzano - Bozen, Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol, Italia
Skinwalker is the story of 2 brothers who have shared the rope all their life, yet another beautiful climbing project is in front of them. When Florian first saw this new line, he couldn’t believe there was still such a great route close to his home. Skinwalker is Florian's latest climbing dream!
Go to the blog post about the kingline skinwalker: https://climbing.plus/blog/skinwalker-eine-kingline-vor-den-toren-bozens

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