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Swiss Bloc °1

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Swiss Bloc °1; Edition 2023


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Swiss Bloc °1 Beschreibung

Swiss Bloc °1 - revised edition with 4 new areas and about 530 new boulder problems at 17 boulder hot spots between Schaffhausen and the Alpine divide.

Cave-limestone at Kesslerloch, fine granite in Magic Wood and the high Swiss passes, relaxed bouldering in Engelberg, sandstone-like huge boulder fields in Kandersteg and some more boulder goodies will be introduced in this guidebook.

For the first time the areas at Nufenenpass and Furpass will be published in a guidebook

At Furkapass numerous boulderproblems are waiting in an overwhelming alpine landscape up to an altitude of 2600 m for motivated boulderers. During the last years a group of psyched climbers from the Luzern area developed continuously new problems and sectors. 2019 they invited Harald Röker to join and thanks to great inspiring days together with the swiss friends the number of problems was nearly doubled to 400 lines from very easy to ~Fb 8b.

In the Swiss mountains an almost inexhaustible potential of boulders is waiting to be discovered. This guidebook takes stock of the current situation of most of the important Swiss boulderspots in the area of the german-speaking part of Switzerland.

  • 4150 boulder problems in 17 areas
  • About 530 new problems and1 new area (compared with the 4th edition)
  • Topos of the boulder-fields
  • Boulder-photos with the course of the problems
  • 384 pages
  • Exact access information
  • Detailed access maps
  • Completely in colour

Included Boulder areas:

Kesslerloch, Magic Wood (Averstal), Engelberg, Blattiswald, Morschach, Schöllenen, Göschenen, Gotthardpass, Nufenenpass (Äginatal), Furkapass, Sustenpass, Steingletscher, Grimselpass, Fuxenstein, Kandersteg, Goppenstein


Bouldertopo - Swiss Bloc °1

Here you get the bouldering-guide

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