Morocco Rock: The Anti-Atlas - 1700 Selected Rock climbs 2020

Morocco Rock: The Anti-Atlans


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Morocco Rock: The Anti-Atlas Beschreibung

The Anti-Atlas, by Morocco Rock, is the latest selected climbs guide to Morocco's winter sun trad climbing destination, featuring the very best routes to be found in the region around the busy market town of Tafraout, and only a couple of hours from Agadir airport.

This revised and updated guide documents a colossal 1700 routes on over 100 crags, including many new developments in this, now established, quartzite paradise. The book features new cliffs in the mighty Amaghouz Gorge on the western fringes, as well as new discoveries in every major area throughout the guide, and also includes the granite boulders and outcrops around Tafraout, which have a mixture of trad and sport climbing.

The area should appeal to all climbers with a sense of adventure, and especially to those wanting to experience a change of culture, and it is already becoming an extremely popular destination worldwide. Modern, colourful topos and inspiring action photography compliment the user-friendly maps and crag table, facilitating swift and easy crag and route choice. There are now 9 major areas to choose from, including a selection of varied length walks at the end of each section, to keep any stalwarts entertained on a `rest day'.

No adverts also mean that this guidebook is packed full of information from cover to cover, including state of the art smartphone navigation to the parking spots via satellite co-ordination. The beautiful and rugged mountain terrain is surprisingly quick and easy to access, many of the cliffs within twenty minutes walk from the road, giving much of the climbing here a distinctly `cragging' feel, akin to that to be found in many areas of the UK.

There is everything in this guide, from big mountain days on multi pitch routes, to roadside single pitch cragging, predominantly on perfect, sun-baked, golden quartzite. The fantastic eastern culture and warm winter sunshine, from September right through to May, together with the diversity of extraordinary adventures to be had, make this area a very special place in which to climb.


Morocco Rock: The Anti-Atlans
Morocco Rock: The Anti-Atlans
Morocco Rock: The Anti-Atlans
Morocco Rock: The Anti-Atlans
Morocco Rock: The Anti-Atlans
Morocco Rock: The Anti-Atlans

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