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El Chorro. Guía de escalada deportiva

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El Chorro. Sport climbing guide; Edition 2024



El Chorro. Guía de escalada deportiva Beschreibung

The El Chorro climbing area, located in the province of Málaga, Spain, is recognized worldwide as one of the best climbing destinations. With its impressive limestone walls, its many sectors and a wide variety of routes for all levels, El Chorro offers a unique experience for lovers of this sport.

New complete and updated guidebook
To help climbers get the most out of their experience at El Chorro, a new complete and updated guidebook has been published. Written by Juan Hofer and José Manceras, two climbers with in-depth knowledge of the area, this guide offers detailed information on

  • More than 1,500 climbing routes, with route descriptions, difficulties, sketches and photographs.
  • The different climbing areas, with their location, characteristics and recommendations.
  • Equipment and safety, with tips for responsible climbing.
  • The history of climbing in El Chorro, a tribute to the pioneers and outfitters who made this climbing paradise possible.
  • A tribute to the climbing community.

The new guide is also a tribute to the climbing community of El Chorro, a passionate group dedicated to environmental conservation and the sustainable development of climbing.

Here you get the climbing-guide

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