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Welcome to Wonderland | Bolting & Climbing in MONTENEGRO

Video von Michael Gattol in Klettervideos hinzugefügt 3180 Aufrufe 15th Mai, 2020 Video-Dauer: 00:23:57   Cijevna, Opština Tuzi, 81206, Crna Gora
Finding and bolting an undeveloped climbing paradise with endless virgin walls on perfect limestone.
This is a dream many climbers may secretly nourish. But is this still possible after decades of world- wide expansion of sport climbing with new routes popping up everywhere around the globe?

Well, it is...

In Montenegro, a small country in south-eastern Europe an Austrian group of climbing and bolting enthusiasts found their own little paradise.
In 2018, with the help of the small local community they set the first bolts. With over a hundred new routes and still counting the process has just started.

This video tries to show the dedication, passion and hard work they put in the development of what might become one of Europe’s best climbing areas.

• 'Hipnoza' 8a+ | Markezina Greda
• 'Caddy Family‘ 7b+ | Wonderwall
• 'Barista' 7c+ | Bar
• 'Barometer' 8a | Bar
• Boulder: 'Olive Tree' 7B | Bar
• Boulder: 'Ma Belle' 8a | Bar
• 'Barbar Plastik' 8b | Bar
• 'Bubar' 7c+ | Bar
• 'Barcaffe' 8a+ | Bar
• 'Sparkie' 8a | Cievna Canyon
• 'Throw yourself over the buildings' 7b+ | Cievna Canyon
• 'Butterfliegeneffekt' 7c | Wonderwall
• 'Welcome to Wonderwall' 8a+ | Wonderwall

• Egal - Dunkelbunt & Alix
• Reset (feat. Sophie Lindinger) - MOTSA
• Marienkäfer - La Brass Banda
• The Stojka Empire (feat. Harry Stojka) - Dunkelbunt
• From East - Fourward
• Ritual Angel - MOTSA
• Hope dies last - MOTSA

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