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Margalef climbing guidebook

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Margalef climbing guidebook - all about rock climbing in Margalef - 2019


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Margalef climbing guidebook Beschreibung

This new climbing guide to Margalef is in full colour throughout; it contains easy-to-follow access instructions for all the different climbing areas, it has a full set of colour photo-topos plus a great selection of colour action shots. The guide is packed with loads of useful information for the visiting climber and is published in Catalan, Spanish and English.

What makes climbing at Margalef so speciall?

Because of it’s kind of rock: conglomerate. Climbing here will offer you pockets and pockets: mono, two finger and three finger pockets. All types of inclinations can be found in Margalef: slabs, incredible roofs. But most of the routes are vertical or slightly overhanging. Climbing in Margalef is often athletic with good holds. It’s almost impossible to find routes with morphological moves in Margalef, therefore it’s the best place for kids and women. Conglomerate offers a lot of alternative holds, different feet for each one, reboots. 

80% of routes in Margalef are 20m high, but you will find a lot of short routes (6m high) and long routes (up to 45m high). One of the advantages of Margalef comparing to the other crags are belay areas. Almost all belay areas are very comfortable and suitable for kids. Approaches are usually short (1 to 5 minutes) and pleasant.


Margalef Climb have 1678 routes, 88 climbing sectors included!


Margalef climbing guidebook
Pantano map Margalef guidebook
Raco de la Taverna Margalef guidebook

Here you get the climbing-guide

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