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Modern multi-pitch climbs - Guidebook 2020


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Modern multi-pitch climbs is a climbing guidebook with 255 routes on 58 rock faces all over the Slovenian Alps. Their grades range from 4b to 8a+ and they're up to 700 meters long.

The faces in the guidebook are ordered from west to east. All routes are marked on photos and there are topos for the more complex ones. The details of routes are displayed using symbols, making orientation a breeze and understandable. The trailheads and starts of routes are marked on maps, and GPS coordinates and QR codes are also provided.All of the vital information has been translated into English.

The authors of the guidebook, Andrej Grmovšek and Viktor Relja, are well-known figures in the Slovenian climbing community. Andrej has been climbing for over thirty years and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. After having done numerous difficult routes all over the world, he’s recently focused his energy on exploring the lesser known walls of Slovenian mountains. His usual climbing partner is his wife Tanja, herself an excellent climber. Viktor has also climbed a lot with his wife Suzana; together they’ve opened almost two hundred routes, two thirds of which are fully equipped. They’ve left their mark on mountains outside of Slovenia as well.

This guidebook has been published with the help of the Foundation for the Financing of Sports Organizations of the Republic of Slovenia.


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