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  Mittwoch, 22. September 2021
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Hi everybody

I‘m currently searching for my first crashpad keeping in mind that I want to buy probably two for solo missions
As I probably buy 2 of them it shouldn’t be that expansiv and would be great if it is pretty versatile.
Now I have come to the decision between the ocun moonwalk & the edelrid mantle 3.
Both can be used in 2 directions. They both cost the same at the moment so I would be glad about any opinion because i can’t find them in any shops nearby to test on my own. So it would either be 2 times the moonwalk and I'm able to zip them together (this would be then around 12kg) or the Mantle + Crux 3 which would be the more expansive version.
-can be zipped together with another moonwalk pad
-can be used as 2 single pads

open questions:
Can the moonwalk be also splited or is the zipper fixed? That I can use as two separate pads. I think this is working with the Edelrid Mantle?
which of those two would you choose?

I‘m hoping for some opinions
thanks to everybody who makes my life easier